Ventilatori za podzemne rudnike

The Mining Fans type EWWG, WWG, GWE or UWE are designed for ventilation of mining excavations by a separate ventilation and to cooperate with the dust collec­ tors or air conditioning. The fans can also be used outside of mining in other industrial sectors, e.g. in coal processing plant. The fan are designed for continuous use.

Devices are comply with the requirements of the Directive ATEX and they are devices of group I category M2. The Mining Fans are adapted to work in mines, in which there is methane hazard (excavation with degree of "a", "b" and "c" of methane explosion hazard) and coal dust explosion hazard (excavation with class of "A" and "B" of coal dust explosion hazard).

The fans are characterized by reliable operation and achieved high parameters of ram effect and capacity while also high efficiency. Rotor blades are made of hard-wearing steel. The modified of the rotor casing reduces flow resistance and improve airflow.

In the fans can be apply additional commercial equipments: a set of silencers that are comply with the requirements for the acoustic protection, elements to reduce the loss of fans ram effect, e.g.: inlets, diffusers, confusors, set of reduction connectors to the cooperation with ventilation ducts diameter from 600 to 1200 mm.

It is possible to change parameters of the fan, in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.