About us

SKALA-M is the largest manufacturer of well filter pipes in Serbia and the region and the general representative of the company GEORG FISCHER, manufacturer of all types of PVC, PP and PE pipes

Our solutions:

  • - Implementation of complete solutions for water supply and drainage, ranging from household to industrial systems
  • - Modern equipment and expertise on products and their application
  • - Conceptual designs and complete support for project design
  • - Efficient organization and credibility from the start
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We recommend the following from our range of products:


Well pipes

Well pipes are manufactured from high-density polyethylene, they are fully non-corrosive, light and simple to use and connect. Unlimited lifetime of the PVC material provides high savings when building a well construction...

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Sewer pipes

Sewer pipes

Sewer pipes in our range are equipped with high-quality seals and rings. Smooth and light internal and external surfaces ensure fast and regular flow. We particularly recommend Silenta PREMIUM system of soundproof pipes...

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Vodovodne cevi

Water pipes

VWater pipes under pressure for drinking water are manufactured in line with standards TS 274-2 EN 1452-2, DIN 8061, DIN 8062. These pipes carry water, enable you take care of your health and they are resistant to underground conditions. The pipes do not retain sediments on their smooth internal surface...

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Water pump

Pumps and equipment

Pumps are necessary to take out the water from geothermal wells to the surface, transport it to the end users and later use it for different purposes. For certain geothermal fluids, such as those with high concentration of carbon dioxide, the corrosion can be mitigated by keeping water under pressure...

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All products will be delivered to the desired address within 24 hours.

Our fleet of delivery vehicles represents an important part of our distribution system and these vehicles have different capacities, allowing delivery in the very centre and suburban areas irrespective of the quantity and type of order.

The average delivery time is under 24 hours.

At your service!

Skala M delivery vehicle


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